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Michael has a natural strength of discernment, accurately reading the energy and nuances behind interpersonal and organizational dynamics. As someone who has spent a meaningful amount of time developing his own Emotional Intelligence, he is adept at helping his clients see and develop these qualities in themselves. Michael has a knack for spotting and making sense of complex ideas and putting them in a framework that others can easily understand, relate to, and implement. He is insightful, witty, reflective, and a true joy to be around. I look forward to continuing our work together in the years to come. - Michele N.

I started working with Michael during a time in which I knew I needed to make a change in my life but didn’t quite know how. Michael provided the structure and an intuitive and compassionate guidance I was looking for; I always felt seen and supported. And his pointed questions led me to understand myself better and trust my choices in this big growth moment in my life. As a woman on the path to healing he relationship with men, I felt safe and able to trust Michael as both, an equal and someone who I understands me. Anyone looking for a coach with a balanced approach to knowing oneself through mind, body and heart should work with Michael. After three months I was ready to quit my job with confidence and embark on a new path with more purpose. - Galla B.

A coaching session with Michael always leaves me feeling more purposeful and present. He helped me design and kickstart a game plan to reach my personal and professional goals while relearning that I am enough and doing good work exactly as I am. In a world where there’s so much need for change and so much pressure to find your purpose, Michael’s coaching offers a safe shore to land on. With his supportive guidance, I was able to explore what I feel called to give to the world and what my highest point of impact is. Michael has a way of tuning in to what you really need to hear, instead of just what you want to hear. He offers deep wisdom that gives me insightful new perspective on my life, that I’m living now with more intention and awareness thanks to the work we did! I feel incredibly blessed for the impact Michael has had on my life. - Sophia W.

Working with Michael was one of the most surprising experiences of my life! He was everything and more that I could ask in a coach. He's personable, relatable, a great listener and an analyzer. He always knew to ask the right questions and give me clear directions. I'm looking forward to continuing the journey I started with Michael and I highly highly recommend him to anyone who needs more clarity and wants less stress in their lives! - Zeynep O.

Michael is very gentle and guides spiritually. He helped me guide myself with intuition and love and was adept at asking the right questions allowing me to locate parts of myself with deeper understanding and acceptance. I highly recommend him for a gentle approach to suffering. I have changed massively since working with him, he was an integral part of my my journey into being unapologetically authentic.
- Connie R.

I believe one of the keys to being a good coach is the ability to be a good listener, and from that, look to provide suggestions, and of course guidance to the client.  Michael does a great job at this, listening and offering suggestions, whereby I have been able to, and I continue to, make improvements in many areas of my life that are important to me.  He has been my coach for over 2 years, and I can honestly say that I am in a much better place today because of his help. - Mark C.

Prior to beginning sessions with Michael, I had assumed that life coaching would consist of a series of tasks meant to build good habits. Instead, Michael taught me how to dig deeper and find ways to unearth who I actually am, rather than who society and well-meaning friends and family have told me I ought to be. With his help, I've been able to feel confident in making decisions, find delight in things I had forgotten, and see the world through a completely authentic (and different!) perspective.

I'm doing things now that I never thought I'd do again, such as drawing, riding my bike, reading for pleasure, going on leisurely strolls, and so much more. I've learned how to use my energy to focus on the positive and patiently work through issues that previously seemed insurmountable. Throughout our sessions, Michael has worked tirelessly to help me connect those seemingly disparate parts of myself in a new way, and I've never felt more whole as a person.

Michael really takes the time to listen and understand, which instills a sense of trust. He provides new and fresh perspectives on challenges I'm facing. And lastly, the reassurance of a genuine smile goes a long way towards making me feel relaxed and in a safe environment where I can speak freely without judgement. I can't think of anything that would make my experience better. These sessions have been all I'd hoped for and much more.


In three months, Michael has helped me more than 5 therapists and 20+ years of therapy. I feel eternally grateful for having had this incredible experience. It is people like him that help us see all the possibility in this world, and know that there is so much to be optimistic about. - Melissa M.

I met Michael at the GolemanEI Coaching Certification program as my meta-coach, who has been guiding and supporting me on this almost year-long journey.

Despite our differences in age, experience, gender, nationality, and personalities he created a safe, inspiring learning environment for me. I especially value Michael's sensitive and insightful approach to the need of his client, his curiosity, authenticity, the courage to challenge the status quo, and walk the talk attitude. He is eager to learn new approaches, cares about others, provides relevant and helpful feedback, and is open to it, too.

I have enjoyed working with Michael and can highly recommend him to anyone looking to realize their potential to become a more effective leader and the best version of themselves. - Marcela C

The progress I made, both professionally and personally while working with Michael is far beyond anything I ever achieved during my time spent with a licensed therapist or spiritual community.

Untangling thoughts, making sense of old behaviors, and consciously rebuilding an evolved, tactful, energized self is hard, but Michael made that possible for me. He is a wonderful human, an excellent teacher, and an exceptional guide. I am truly grateful the universe allowed our paths to cross. I would not be in the position I am today without his assistance.  I cannot recommend him highly enough. Thank you Michael! - Chad K.

I had a big decision to make about the next step in my career and wanted to make it with confidence. Working with Michael over several months we created the guideposts that I needed. The process not only gave me the confidence to make a career move but also provided a framework to think holistically about my career in the context of a meaningful and fulfilling life. Michael is a joy to work with. - Adam B.

Before the coaching program, I was in constant agitation and anger with my family, especially my young daughter. I also felt stagnated at my career. I have always been hard working and tough on myself and thought it was just a phase, until multiple bursts of temper and sudden mood swings hinted to me that it wasn't.


I reached out to Michael through referral by a friend. I entered the program not having clear expectations, I was always quietly doubtful of what "coaches" could realistically do. In the beginning, I also seldom practiced what was suggested for me. Until multiple sessions later, Michael let me slowly hold a mirror to myself, revealing insights about myself I've never thought possible. 


I'm now more aware of myself, my triggers, and am more equipped to deal with my own "narratives" which often limit my personal relationships and professional endeavors. I see now that although coaching doesn't solve all problems, Michael has certainly shown me that problems are often self-told, and that I, like many others, have much more potential if we just practiced simple ways to be self-aware and conscious.

It was a powerful experience, impactful but kind, I would easily recommend Michael to anyone looking for a change. - Ronald T

I was inspired to reach out to Michael while I was going through the normal whirlwind of life. There is no right or best time to begin your journey to live your best life. While reading testimonials, I could hear my voice in others who worked with him. 

The program taught me many things which I will carry through many years to come. I went into it hoping to feel more confident & in control of my career, and to be able to connect better with myself. All of that is now true, plus some. I now listen to myself better & trust myself more than I ever have. I also am able to focus my energy better, and invest in the parts of my life I really love and want to grow. 

If you are ready to really move your life forward and want to be closer to becoming the best version of yourself - working with Michael is a step (actually, multiple steps) in the right direction. - Elizabeth O.

When I reached out to Michael, I had no idea what I really wanted - I just knew I was searching for fulfillment and purpose both in my career and in my life.


From the first moment we spoke, I felt a connection and a sense of comfort that he was the right coach for me and that everything was going to work out. The only way to make any significant change is to put in the hard work on yourself, but Michael will hold you accountable in the most compassionate and non-judgmental way.


After 12 sessions, I am more confident than ever that I am on the right path towards living a life worth remembering and I have the tools to enjoy and grow from all of the inevitable curve balls life will throw my way.

Thank you Michael. If you are unsure of where you want to go with your life but know you are searching for more, you will not regret connecting with Michael Stern. - Michael T.

I spent a year treading water between my last career and the ambiguous next step. I had ideas about what I could do but no clear vision for my future. When I reached out to Michael, I was expecting a conversation on what I was good at and the jobs that aligned with my strengths. After this program, I have gained so much more than that. With Michael's guidance, I was able to discover what was most important to me and transform that into a vision I feel excited about. He gave me the tools to focus my energy fully towards that vision and adapt when life throws a curveball. I would highly recommend contacting Michael if you feel lost on your journey through life. - Will D.

I'm so glad I was connected with Michael. I worked with him for several months last year and as a result I've been able to develop a deeper sense of my purpose and take actionable steps to move in a positive direction. He is an excellent listener, has a vast body of relevant knowledge to share, and truly cares about his clients and the impact they can have in the world. I highly recommend working with Michael! - Emma B.

Michael Stern and Integral Alignment gave me the direction and purpose I was so sorely missing in my life. Only a few months ago I had no idea what I was doing, and was feeling pretty depressed about it. Now, I have committed to and taken very real steps towards my next "big thing." 

Michael's activities were not only useful during the course of the program, but are something I will continue to rely on throughout my life. His use of both Eastern and Western worldviews gives a unique, creative insight to overcoming resistance. I am so grateful to be excited about my life's unfolding after working with Stern through Integral Alignment. 
- Dylan S.

After a particularly frustrating and confusing career transition, I was referred to Michael, And I could not have asked for a better person to guide me through a particularly difficult transition. His program helped me re-set and define my own personal values & goals, which in turn helped me to look at aspects of my life in an entirely new perspective. Of course you get out what you put in, and the work is not easy, so be prepared to dig deep, but if you're truly invested in learning more about yourself and what you want out of life and/or career, the reward is SO worth it. I'm beyond grateful for Michael and the work he is doing and highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for some guidance and understanding of themselves and their goals. - Lauren P.

Michael Stern holds you to the present and helps you dedicate yourself to your future and the world's evolution. The framework he shares as part of his coaching practice is something that I've integrated into my thinking. His dedication to helping me evolve helped me become more serious about discovering and actively creating who I am. I was drawn to working with him because of the specifics of his background in Integral Theory, but I am confident that anyone looking to simply become more fully engaged in their life and personal growth will find support, friendship and inspiration from this thoughtful and wise coach. - Mike L.

Michael has been an excellent life and career coach advisor for the last three months. In the last few months, I have experienced going from confusion about my business into a clear plan on how to handle my business affairs. I highly recommend Michael as an excellent business, career and advisor coach. - Mark K. 

Michael has clarity into everything he does. I was stuck in a situation where I didn't know what I wanted to do with myself. I'm a person with many interests and wants. With Michaels help, I was able to experiment new things and find out what I really like to do. This came from being specific about my goals. I only took four sessions for me to feel my life has made a complete 180. Please don't hesitate to work with Michael. He is a very nice guy who is understandable and direct. - Christian V.

I would highly recommend Michael to anyone that is looking to combine professional growth with their mindfulness practice. Our work together focused on establishing clarity around issues of self, community, and purpose. In my particular situation, these were important factors in understanding how I can shift my existing professional experience towards a more meaningful career path. 

Here are a few things that have resulted from our work together: 

-     A clear and deep understanding of my strengths, values, beliefs, and how they relate to a meaningful career: When Michael and I started worked together, I was pretty apathetic towards any sense of purpose. I sincerely just wanted to find a job that didn't make me feel dead inside. Low bar, right? Turns out, repeatedly and angrily shouting "Why am I doing this?!" at 3am after a full weekend-worth of work really set me up for a closer look into the question. The reality was that I wanted to be passionate about my work and I think that's true, to some degree, for a lot of people. I say this perhaps for the following reason: Don't expect Michael to "solve" your "problems". Expect him to present you with opportunities to establish yourself as you move towards your goal so that you can understand what motivates you, what you're willing to sacrifice and why. Maybe you want to open a business, maybe you just want to understand what you want. In my case, it was clearing out the mental clutter and getting out of my own way so that I could actually see where it was that I wanted to go.

-     A healthy approach to motivation and self-discipline. As a New Yorker, in my experience, the incredibly competitive environment and distorted idea of "productivity" made it difficult for me to grasp a reasonable understanding of success. Do Instagram "likes" count? What about brunches? How are you actually serving those around you and what are you getting back in return? This city is incredible but it's by no means normal so it was really important for me to develop a clearer sense of what goes into a feeling of fulfillment/accomplishment and the value of overcoming challenges in a much healthier way. 


-      An open and generous relationship with those around me. Again, perhaps a New York issue but I found that the shear density of people that seem detached and playing "the game" was steadily developing into an issue of real misanthropy in my daily life. I had already been practicing meditation consistently for a year by the time Michael and I started working together but his attention to fine-tuning my meditation practice really paid off. Slowly, the separation between myself and the world around me softened and I started to actually want to connect with people which resulted in not only deeper friendships but also an ease and confidence in situations that would previously rack me with nerves like networking, presenting my work to clients or just connecting with co-workers. This is the most subtle but probably most valuable benefit that I've gained through my work with Michael. 

I hope this review was helpful for anyone that's considering hiring Michael. As I mentioned in the beginning, the 3 months that Michael and I worked together were perhaps challenging at times but imperative for establishing structure and momentum. I would really recommend Stern if you've got the opportunity to work together! - Dasha E.

I wasn't sure if this was what i was looking for and Michael was very helpful in wait for my decision and giving me all the informations i needed to take it.

At the end i went for it and i can say that i reach all the goals i had in mind even without really realise it!


Also I have open doors that i didn't think was the root of the problems, i still working on it but with all the advice and tips Michael gave me, i'm confident i can make it by my self.


His philosophy is very interesting and appropriate for the time we are living now.


Michael is a very pleasant person and can easily switch between the roles of teacher, friends, coach and listener.


I will definitely work with him again in the future. - Giorgia S.

Michael was my coach for about 6 month. My main purpose of having a coach was to reach my career goals. He helped me find the right direction. I also learned how to mange my stress and face overwhelming situations. He helped me learn about myself and my problems. 

When I started the program I was stressful and unconfident about my career plans and some other life decisions. He helped me find a reasonable target and work toward that. Now I am confident, less stressful, and happy about the changes.  

Michael is very knowledgeable in different things. Beside my career decisions, he also helped me with weight loss, and starting a healthy lifestyle. He helped me learn meditation and some cognitive behavioural strategies. 

This was my first experience having a coach, and I will definitely work with him again if I face any challenging situation. - Roya A.

I've been working with Michael for several months. I've had a noticeable positive uptick in productivity. But more importantly, I've learned how to better deal with stress, relate to others and maintain a positive attitude. I'd had a nagging thought that there was more to life than what I was seeing/feeling/doing. Michael has helped me explore that and I've been able to change the world by bettering myself. I am very thankful for that.  If you want to change something about yourself and believe that's there something out there for you that you want but seems hard to get to, Michael may be able to help you help yourself. - Michael B.

I aimed to get a better hold over my career's trajectory as well as optimize my life for more happiness and fulfillment. So, I reached out to Michael for advice. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. During our one-hour weekly phone calls, Michael and I developed a great rapport and had some great conversations. He was able to steer me in the right direction and helped me ask the right questions of myself. Michael introduced the perfect amount of structure into our conversations, for example, the first few chats had specific themes and objectives. However, he is flexible and adaptable and we frequently veered into pleasantly-surprising unplanned territory. He's great at being an impartial facilitator but he's also great at giving solid real-world advice. I felt reinvigorated after each call, and I developed lots of new strategies, habits, and ways of thinking that are actively making my life better. - Adam S.

I would highly recommend working with Michael, particularly if you are interested in finding deeper meaning in your work and life. He is an authentically passionate partner in helping you uncover deeper meaning and beginning to live it, step by step by step.  

He helped me recognize and pop out of this subtly lurking belief that I had only one deeper purpose and vocation that was meant for me, and that I needed to figure out what it was and make a plan to live it. Additionally I realized that I believed I needed to do something very big in the world in order for my life to have any meaning. I sort of knew these things about myself, yet I was still living them and believing them. Michael helped me to get free, and realize that there are many versions of my life that would be in integrity with my deepest values. He helped me to start prototyping my way forward and learn through doing and experimenting.

He is a wise person and is good at attuning to the most important threads and emotional experiences that come up in our sessions and then focusing on them. It feels like we are getting down to the most essential subjects quickly, together. Then he provides the tools, in practices and exercises, and action accountabilities, that help me take real, meaningful action to address these issues in my life and create real, meaningful change. 

I get the sense he is living what he is sharing as well, so it feels authentic and doesn't feel like he's giving a lot of advice, but more in it with me. 

I'm still working with him and get the sense that I, and those I relate with, will benefit from this partnership for a long time. 
- Brett I.

Michael had a gift for holding me to my highest self. 

I most appreciated his instincts. Towards the end of most sessions, I found myself making a guttural noise in recognition of how to live my life in integrity - a kind of 'a-ha' moment. 'A-ha' reminders, actually. Mostly, I already knew the truth of what I needed to do & what direction to take. Michael helped me develop habits to actually bring it out of my head & heart & into the world. 

I love his use of applying design thinking to your life. This was big for me. He helped me see every day as a series of small experiments & gave me clear accountability for testing out new actions. By the end, I gained clarity on my life's purpose, transformed some biz & personal relationships that weren't working for me, tapped more into my creative pursuits, & became more wild & found myself barefoot sprinting up & down the beach. I became more of myself - something I'll always treasure. - Michael P.

After a year of contemplating 'what I want to do with my life', I decided to start looking for a coach that would work with me to discover a path I would like to follow and make into my own business.  In my research finding and interviewing various coaches, I immediately knew Michael was the coach. He is calm, inquisitive, spiritual, and passionate about his work - which aligned with what I was looking for.

In the 3ish months I worked with Michael, I learned a lot about myself, and ability to be introspective, and that it's okay to change, move, and adjust paths as needed. For someone who is very Type A and likes to plan, this was very relieving for me.  In just a few sessions I had pinpointed a path I was passionate about but had been afraid to follow because of negative self-talk.

Michael provided me with the skills and tools to work toward my goal, and of course accountability. I'm happy to say that I've started my blog and enrolled in a certification program I am very excited about. Working with Michael accelerated the discovery of my path, and also helped me work on the spiritual side, which I needed.

Highly recommend! 
- Krista M.

This program has given me the confidence to know that I have the ability to strive for a profession that will fulfill my purpose and bring greater meaning to my life. It has been so helpful for me to have someone who is understanding of my desires to hold me accountable for making progress. I now more fully recognize that having an awareness of your purpose and working towards a life that fulfills that purpose is very important - and doable!

When I started investigating coaches, I really didn't know what to expect. I only knew that I could achieve something more and needed some help to move forward. This program has exceeded my expectations and I am so very grateful for it. Although I'm not quite there yet, I am getting so much closer. The messages I have received during the program (internal and external) have really penetrated my thought process and are helping me make better choices. 

Thank you, Michael! 
- Martha R.

I worked with Michael for 3 months. I highly recommend him as a life coach. In the past 3 months, I took away some very useful career/personal tips for my life.

I also felt that Michael's advice and guidance comes from a higher place of love and non-judgement. So I have had my fair share of experience of getting advice from professionals and healers who made me feel that I am not good enough. They would tell me that "you are too this, you are too that, you need to work on this, etc". Here is thing, if I am 100% perfect, then I wouldn't need their advice. There is a fine balance between "objective criticism/positive encouragement" and "judgement/negative criticism". 

To be honest, I was a pretty bad mentee. I rarely did my homework. And I always talked about the negative situations and people in my life that bothered me. Michael accepted everything.

Most importantly, he always motivated and encouraged me in a way that empowered me and added to my self confidence.

I believe a good coach is someone who can motivate and encourage you to be the best version of yourself without making you feel guilty, devalued, and not good enough. Its not about whether you are good enough or not. I really enjoyed working with Michael. I would definitely work with him again in the future. - Wendy L.

You taught me to think about life differently, while also allowing me to explore my own happiness. I am glad that we got a chance to work together as I will remember everything we discussed throughout my life. I strive to continue to grow on a day to day basis and now have a better understanding of what my "life's purpose" is. Thank you thank you! - A.L.

My experience with Michael was my first with a life coach. I was skeptical to begin with but was encouraged to pursue it and was intrigued after the initial free consultation. I am in a crossroad in my life, switching from law to teaching, which is daunting and stressful. Michael excelled at listening to my issues and dilemmas and provided constructive feedback and advice in how I should network with people and gain valuable information on my new career path while also being pro-active and taking small steps to figure out where my passion and desire within teaching truly lie. Although I have not yet reached my final goal I feel a lot more confident in the path that Michael helped me build. - Thomas T.F.

Working with Mike has been tremendously helpful and calming. At the beginning of our program I was harried, stressed, overworked, and confused about my direction and path; and by the end I've become much more patient, accepting and strategic, all while increasing my productivity.  Mike is the third person I've seen to help me process the fallout of my divorce in the last three years and has affected the most change by far; his techniques and practices have resonated with me much more fully than any before.  - Nick W.

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