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The emotional intelligence training was great for me and my staff. I especially benefited from the modules on empathy and perspective taking. It really broadened my understanding of and capacity for empathy. - Samantha, Program Director

I decided to sign up for cultivating wholeness workshop through my agency because I knew I wanted some self care in my week. This workshop was literally that and more! The guided meditations that were practiced helped center me. The activities helped locate my current emotional discomfort in my personal life and self-doubt in my professional life. These insights and the feedback I received from others at the workshop supported and deepened my capacity to remain mindful. This also solidified the fact that the connection with myself and others is the most precious part of life. Additionally, through Michael’s coaching, I was able to create concrete steps within the next week to make movement towards a goal I have. This demonstrated for me the power of mindfulness, spirit, and shared humanity. I highly recommend Michael’s workshops! - Moriah, Social Worker

As the Learning and Development Coordinator, [the Contemplative Collaboration] workshop sparked my interest on so many levels.  I interact with staff on a daily basis as well as colleagues so communication is essential in my day to day.  I am always looking for ways to improve how I communicate – personally and professionally.
I have to say, this is not your typical communication workshop where the facilitator talks about body languages and using I statements.  No, Michael opened my eyes to a different way of communicating.  Mindful communication.  Giving feedback.  This was a very good workshop and I highly recommend it to everyone, whether seasoned, recent college graduate or high level executives.  We can all use the skills to be mindfully present.
The pace of the workshop, delivery and role playing exercises made it engaging.  The closing section of the workshop, was deeply moving.  I truly enjoyed this workshop.  Thank you soo much Michael for a wonderful learning experience!!! - Margie, Learning and Development Coordinator

The Contemplative Collaboration workshop was amazing. It dovetailed very nicely with practices I already embrace: The Sanctuary model Trauma-Informed practice, Non-Violent Communication, and mindfulness. Michael is a very knowledgeable presenter, talking with everyone instead of talking at everyone. The exercises helped me to listen without judgement and tap into my emotional intelligence. If you ever have the opportunity to work with Michael, I highly recommend that you go for it! - Kim, Executive Assistant

Attending a training with Michael is a deeply thoughtful and enriching experience. Unlike other trainings that may struggle to keep your attention, Michael incorporates concepts and practical strategies in ways that encourage you to examine his material and jump into it (sometimes literally!) with an open heart and mind to reach a greater level of understanding. Within just the first few minutes, it became clear that Michael is so truly devoted to not only this work, but to the lifelong study of the best ways to bring this work to others, both for professional and personal use. This devotion has paid off; he is an exciting and effective educator and I confidently recommend his trainings. - Sarah, LCSW, Program Director

Michael's facilitation is rich and full of wisdom. I enjoyed the experience he designed and felt connected to the others in the space in a beautiful, comfortable way. He's presenting material of great relevance to the discomforts and alienation of modern life. I recommend his work highly. - Schuyler, Strategy Director

Michael's Cultivating Wholeness workshop kicked me in the ass and made me commit my life to a cogent dream for the first time ever. - Michael, Creative Strategy Consultant

Michael has an uncanny ability to take spiritual technology from the world's great wisdom traditions and translate it into a secular practice. He knows the material well and presents it in an engaging way. Michael is a fabulous facilitator with inclusive, grounded and intelligent presence. He creates a powerful space of exploration and personal growth. His Cultivating Wholeness workshop was like a mini-retreat in the midst of a busy New York work week that allowed us to take time to care for ourselves, breathe deep and re-center. Lainie, Transformational Catalyst and Soul Midwife

As someone who works between fifty and sixty hours a week, the concept of a "work/life balance" just isn't practical. So much of my life takes place at work. And really, there's only one journey, and if I want it to be meaningful, I have to be present for all of it.


I'm very fortunate to have been exposed to valuable spiritual technology from the great wisdom traditions, but I've always struggled to put that technology into professional practice. Or better yet, re-think work so that it transforms into a place where spiritual technologies are both welcome and well-used.


Michael's Cultivating Wholeness workshop created a space where I could pause for a day and consider how my professional life could be more authentic to my whole journey. I'm not a stranger to meditation, but Michael showed me how important recovery time is in my work day and how small, structured moments of mindfulness can really impact my overall wellness. His workshop challenged me to embrace flexibility and adaptability as I negotiate my way through an environment that can be volatile and complex.

A large component of that challenge requires me to consider where I can be more curious and less set in my ways, especially when it comes to my own instincts and assumptions about where I work and with whom I work. I came out of the workshop with a better sense of where my journey is taking me, where it has been, and all the places in between. - Chad, Director of Operations

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