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Empowering the Next Generation to Create A More Beautiful World


Over the last few decades, the accelerating pace of change has led to overwhelming complexity. Disruption is the new norm. Our global society is more connected than ever, yet we're deeply fragmented, polarized, and disconnected from ourselves, each other, and nature. 

Consciousness and culture evolve through distinct levels, with each new stage bringing expanded capacities for wisdom, love, and power. Raising our consciousness is the fundamental "problem" we face as a species.

The recent trends of yoga, mindfulness, and purpose are converging with social entrepreneurship and conscious business. This points to the next wave where Self-Transformation and Social Innovation go hand-in-hand.

Evolution is a process, and regardless of where you are on your journey, traveling with others on a similar path can be immensely beneficial.

My whole life is dedicated to co-creating the next stage of human evolution. I am looking for co-creators to work, grow, and play with. 

The purpose of an Emerging Leader Circle is to...


An Emerging Leader Circle is a Community of Practice dedicated 

Wake Up 

Practicing Integral Mindfulness - a synthesis of meditation, psychology, and neuroscience - will help you to:

  • access your innate wisdom, love, and power

  • discover your innate freedom and wholeness 

  • transcend limiting beliefs and access peak states

  • learn to discern, trust and follow your authentic desires

Grow Up

  • ​develop social-emotional maturity and reduce unconscious reactivity 

  • expand your circle of care by taking higher perspectives
  • heal the old wounds and habits that get in your way and hold you back


Show Up

Align your personal interests and talents with the needs of the world. Aligning your actions with what matters most leads to increased productivity and engagement. 

  • clarify your purpose, transform your resistance, contribute your unique gifts

  • clarify your core values and live with more integrity

  • access your "flow state" 

  • amplify your impact through new capacities, skills, and relationships

  • identify your unique True North and build a "compass" to guide your life

  • build strong habits to optimize your health and performance

  • unleash your creative potential through purposeful, passionate action

  • overcome your fear of failure and learn to "prototype" your way to success

  • learn how to choose happiness and stop agonizing over your decisions


Emerging Leaders are:

  • 21-40 years old

  • ready to embark on a journey of self-transformation

  • committed to restoring wholeness and integrity to fragmented, polarized world

  • looking to take their careers to the next level while avoiding burnout or overwhelm

  • committed to leading by example

  • aware of the fundamental relationship between one's own level of consciousness and their ability to have a positive impact on the world



Learning Objectives: 

  • develop a consistent, effective mindfulness practice

  • move your life and career forward 

  • connect with like-minded people navigating similar questions and challenges in their own lives

  • practice key social-emotional skills: deep listening, authentic communication, and giving/receiving feedback


Program Elements:

  • Intake - clarifies where you are and where you want to go

  • Live Group Sessions - Six two-hour sessions (two per month) with the whole Circle

  • Weekly Commitments - ensures you take meaningful steps forward every week 

  • Ongoing Support - between sessions via email/text

  • Transformative Practices - systematically shift your consciousness, behavior, and relationships

  • Exclusive Resources - to inspire and support you on your journey

  • Support Pods

Sample agenda:

  • Short meditation (5 minutes)

  • Check-in round (10 minutes)

  • Short "teaching" (10 minutes)

  • Small group exercise (45 minutes)

  • Large group debrief (30 minutes)

  • Check-out round (10 minutes)

Take the first step toward your new life.

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