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Breakdown or Breakthrough?

Photo by Robert Metz. This post was originally published in the Integral Alignment Newsletter. Subscribe here.


Here is an excerpt from a newsletter I recently received.

"Here are some of our newest TLDRs to head into the week with:

  • The pandemic’s hidden health crisis of the mind

    • The big idea: The pandemic is expected to lead to a huge influx of patients in need of mental health support. Now countries around the world have an opportunity to fundamentally reshape mental healthcare systems.

  • How Covid-19 changed the future of fossil fuels

    • The big idea: For some companies, the coronavirus crisis is proof of the need to accelerate a transition away from fossil fuels. For others, it’s a chance to strengthen their grip on the source of energy that fuels the world today.

  • What Africa’s post-coronavirus economy will look like

    • The big idea: The global downturn caused by Covid-19 could be devastating for Africa—but could also have some positive effects.

  • Covid-19 is repaving the way we move through cities.

    • The big idea: Coronavirus has changed the way we live and move. Now it’s up to cities to decide whether that’s an existential threat, or the opportunity of a century to redefine urban mobility."

Are you sensing a theme here?

In my head it sounds something like this:

“Shit is fucking crazy right now. Nobody knows what’s going to happen. It could be really great, or really, really bad. But what seems clear is that we are at a massive decision point.”

Conscious Evolution is the Name of the Game

We are the first species (as far as I know) that has the potential to direct its own evolution.

We are also the first species (as far as I know) that has become conscious of the evolutionary process that gave rise to our existence.

The two are not unrelated.

We are the evolutionary process becoming conscious of itself, and, as that occurs, we are becoming conscious participants in the process of evolution.

It’s hard to overestimate the importance of this realization.

In the “Age of the Unprecedented” this may be the most significant “unprecedented” of them all.

We are part of a larger process. We come from somewhere. We are going somewhere.

And it’s up to us to steer that process.

We have the power to become what we choose.

In fact, we are making that choice in each and every moment.

And what we choose in this moment makes it easier to make that same choice in the next moment.

So: How conscious are your choices?

Are you making choices from fear or love? Resistance or commitment? Conditioning or possibility?

And: How do you get better at making good choices?

The time is now, friends.

The Human Experiment is crossing a threshold.

Catastrophic collapse is possible.

But so is A More Beautiful World. (Shoutout to Charles Eisenstein)

What will you choose?


PS - If you could use some support with making good choices, hit me up. Maybe we can work together in a coaching capacity. Maybe you’d be a good fit for our community of practice. Maybe I can point you in the direction of some helpful resources. Or maybe we can just swap stories about how fucking hard it can be sometimes to make good choices. (I’m working on it too.)

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